D.O.S. Chakra Balancing Disks

D.O.S.® Chakra Balancing Disk Therapy


D.O.S.® Disks were developed in Brazil by a European engineer named Dr. Giampiero Cungi whose initial research involved working in groups throughout Europe where the D.O.S. system evolved through various experiments and prototypes. The eventual result became a version of disks that appear to produce beneficial and therapeutic results in the realm of mind-body relationships. 

“It is in the realm of the mind-body medical science, in the opening of knowledge from psychosomatic medical science, and in the light of quantum physics that the D.O.S. finds its context and application”…it is “capable of stimulating an energetic reordination which induces the individual organism to respond more adequately to its general equilibrium necessities.”

~Dr. Giampiero Cungi

How It Works*

The D.O.S.® energetic field broadcasts coherent information patters that when received by a system that is out of balance or diseased, stimulate that system to return to a state of harmony and equilibrium. Repeated exposure to the input from the D.O.S. Disks leads to an improved sense of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well being- all of which opens the space for the user to connect with their maximum, natural potentials. 

Each D.O.S.® Disk is in itself a harmonizing device: A Toroidal System.

When the D.O.S.® System is used in a prophylactic basis by healthy people without established diseases, the effects observed are as follows: an increase in lucidity, and anti-streez (physical and mental) effect, a considerable gain in intellective function understood as emotional intelligence, and increase in the capacity for accepting change- with more creative and natural responses, either in dynamic or static situations.

The D.O.S.® Disks are composed of a living crystalline core (bio-ceramic, aggregate crystal) with a pleuri-strata of impressed circuits and a set of 72 highly pure elements, including extra pure precious metals such as platinum and gold. Each half of the disc contains 26 information layers that are 4-pole discoids (North, South, East, West). The calibration is based on aspects of the MerKaBa, with a 34/21 ratio. The disks are submitted to an energetic normalization for 28 days, during which time they are calibrated every 72 hours. 

Therapy Description*

In order to use the disks properly, the receiver must lay down on their back fully dressed.  The disks will then be placed on the 7-8 Chakras of the body. 

The influence of the disks are quite gentle, yet efficient. During the therapy there may be a sensation of energy blockages being released on an of the physical, mental, or emotional levels. 

The therapy itself will take around 45 minutes. 

It is important to note that pregnant woman are not advised to do D.O.S. sessions.

Internal Structure of D.O.S. Disk
Internal Structure of D.O.S. Disk
D.O.S. Disk Therapy in Session
D.O.S. Disk Therapy in Session
The Human Chakra System
The Human Chakra System

*The sections “History” and “How It Works” and “Therapy Description” are courtesy of spiritofmaat.com