Individual Hypnotherapy Session

During your session, we will be able to travel an incredible journey through your own consciousness in order to help you find the answers you have been looking for whether emotional, mental, or physical.

There are a variety of reasons one may want a session- some come to rid emotional past trauma or have questions about their life purpose, family, work, and health while others may simply be curious about Past Life Regression Hypnosis or want to clarify some things in their life journey.

All are welcome and everyone leaves a session with a deeper understanding of who they truly are: powerful creators that are able to create and fulfill their mission and release all that no longer serves them.

Agnes uses a variety of hypnotherapy techniques that are skillfully blended together to allow the most potent and effective session possible. The focus is to allow that answers to flow naturally and with ease as well as to fully experience the fullest depths that your subconscious is ready to share at the time of session. 

“We all begin with God and are sent out to learn and experience. Many other planets have easier courses of learning. The Earth school is the most difficult in the universe- only the bravest souls sign on for this assignment. “

~Dolores Cannon

D.O.S. Disk Therapy:

D.O.S.® Disks were developed in Brazil by a European engineer named Dr. Giampiero Cungi whose initial research involved working in groups throughout Europe where the D.O.S. system evolved through various experiments and prototypes. The eventual result became a version of disks that appear to produce beneficial and therapeutic results in the realm of mind-body relationships. 

The D.O.S.® energetic field broadcasts coherent information patters that when received by a system that is out of balance or diseased, stimulate that system to return to a state of harmony and equilibrium. Repeated exposure to the input from the D.O.S. Disks leads to an improved sense of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well being- all of which opens the space for the user to connect with their maximum, natural potentials. 

Each D.O.S.® Disk is in itself a harmonizing device: A Toroidal System.

“Our path is like a giant circle with no beginning and no end. We are eternal- our Spirits can never die or be destroyed. We are fellow travelers in the game of life and our destinies are intertwined.”

~Dolores Cannon

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