Hypnotherapy By Agnes

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How To Prepare For A Session

Prior TO Session
One must not drink any alcoholic beverages at least 24 hours before their session. Additionally, you should also not have caffeinated beverages 2-4 hours prior to your session.

Prepare a list of questions, phobias, health issues, or anything you would like to discover the answer to typed out on a piece of paper. As Agnes guides you through the session, these questions will help guide the path.

Lastly, come into the session with an open mind and positive attitude! This is a big step in your human evolution!
During Session
All you need to do during the hypnosis session is to relax, keep an open mind, and trust that Agnes will do her best to assist you in finding out the answers to your questions via your Higher Self.

You are in a safe space free of any and all judgement.
After A Session
Once your session is completed, Agnes will discuss in depth with you about your experience. You'll be able to ask any questions that come to mind regarding your session.

Due to the depth that one enters their subconscious mind during a session, you may or may not be able to recall the entire journey. Rest assured, there is not 'right' way that is 'better' than another. Each of us are unique souls that integrate information differently.

You will receive an audio recording of your personal hypnosis session so you can re-exam it further.

Hypnosis Sessions May Be Conducted in The Following Languages:



Remember These Important Notes:

Relax & Be Present

Under hypnosis, your body is very relaxed and your mind is focused. Think of this experience as a long involved daydream. 

Agnes will be your guide and you'll be able to explore whatever comes up. 

Let It Flow

Your conscious mind may attempt to take over at times and analyze what you're seeing/experiencing. 

Allow the experience to flow and unfold organically and you'll be able to bypass the logical left side of the brain and allow the right side of your brain to speak without any filters

You Are Guided & Safe

The key is to relax and keep your focus on the images/thoughts that appear to you without questioning them. Allow the story to unfold naturally no matter how different it may appear than your everyday life. Trust that you are safe and with an experienced hypnotist that is able to guide you through it all, along with your Higher Self right there with you.

“We are not human beings haveing a spiritual experience- we are spiritual beings having a human experienCe.” 

David M.

The best hypnotherapy session I’ve had in my life. Agnes offered an amazing past life regression that was both profound and healing. Highly recommend.

Zofia Bak

I’ve been going through a spiritual awakening recently and wanted to find some answers. I thought a QHHT session would be a good place to begin after reading Dolores Cannon’s books. What a great experience. I’m definitely looking forward to my next appointment! Thank you Agnes!

Radka Kucarova

My session with Agnes was an incredible experience. She did her magic to put me into a deep relaxed state where I found the answers to many of the questions I had. I felt a sense of healing and such relief afterwards. Highly recommend QHHT by Agnes and can’t wait to schedule my next session.

Jose Baeza

Love the experience and Agnes was very professional and accommodating.