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Introspective Hypnosis

As Taught By Alba Weinman & Antonio Sangio

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Hypnotherapy By Agnes

The Basics
Introspective hypnosis is a unique modality that combines different techniques, some of which are as follows:

-Ericksonian Hypnosis

-Forgiveness Therapy

-Role Change

-Past Life Regression

-Spiritual Assistance A.K.A Spirit Releasement
Common Ailments That Bring People TO Hypnotherapy
These are a handful of examples of what brings people into the realm of hypnosis and trust me that there are many more than can actually be listed here.
Introspective Hypnosis
It is well known that we are multi dimensional beings composed of seven levels of energy, vibrating at different rates.

The ultimate purpose of Introspective Hypnosis is to receive access to a person's subconscious and discover the origin point of any symptoms that could have originated in a past even in the current lifetime or even in a previous one.

Other times, symptoms may appear in this life due to spirit attachments that have decided to hitch a ride. Introspective hypnosis is able to not only assist incarnated spirits, but also disembodied ones that are lost, confused, or other pending issues with their host.

Percentage of Common Types Of PHobias

Fear Of Darkness
Fear of Spiders
Fear Of Death
Fear Of Public Speaking
01. Schedule an Appointment

Call (773) 895-8277 directly to schedule an appointment with Agnes or fill out the contact form

02. Prepare For Your Session

Prior to a session, you should come prepared with a list of questions you’d like answered. They could be regarding health, body, past experiences, life, person, off planet journeys, abductions-  anything you have been wanting to discover or understand. 

03. Arrive On Time and Begin

The session is divided into two segments. During this first segment, we will begin our session by understanding your story- your life, the people within your life, main lessons you’ve overcome as well as other details. 

In the second segment, we will dive into your hypnosis session where Agnes will guide you through various experiences to reach your Higher Self and answer your list of questions. 

04. Post Session Reflection

Many times, clients need time to process and integrate their session experience. This is perfectly normal and it is suggested to listen to your digital copy of your session whenever you feel ready. Taking whatever time you need to reflect on what you recall and integrate it with the digital copy to really digest your entire experience. This’ll help you get the most out of your session. 

“Allow Yourself to See what you don’t allow yourself to see.”

-Milton Erickson

Lena Edwards

What an amazing experience! Agnes is so knowledgeable and gently takes you on this journey with your higher self. I got so many questions answered and learned about past and future lives. Her office is very comfortable. I really enjoyed my session.

Eben Neuman

Having done a few other hypnotherapy sessions in the past, I can certainly say Agnes’s was by one of my favorites! Her space felt welcoming and professional. She gave ample time for me to become as relaxed as possible even doing a guided meditation before the session. Then during the session I was completely engrossed in the experience and never really 2nd guessed her expertise. She even provided a recording of the session for my usage to reflect on what I had learned. Rest assured that you’re in good hands as Agnes is a superb hypnotist.

Hugo Jasper

For anyone that does not know what QHHT is, its basically a way to talk directly to your Soul. Its an AMAIZING experience. It helps with any mental and psychical medical issues you may have as well is healing of your Soul. There was so much energy that when I came to I couldn’t even talk. everyone needs to do this! heal your Soul and join us on NEW EARTH!

Heinrich Von Wolfcastle

Fascinating and illuminating experience! Agnes is a wonderful and thoughtful guide, and you can’t go wrong.

David M.

The best hypnotherapy session I’ve had in my life. Agnes offered an amazing past life regression that was both profound and healing. Highly recommend.

Zofia Bak

I’ve been going through a spiritual awakening recently and wanted to find some answers. I thought a QHHT session would be a good place to begin after reading Dolores Cannon’s books. What a great experience. I’m definitely looking forward to my next appointment! Thank you Agnes!

Radka Kucarova

My session with Agnes was an incredible experience. She did her magic to put me into a deep relaxed state where I found the answers to many of the questions I had. I felt a sense of healing and such relief afterwards. Highly recommend QHHT by Agnes and can’t wait to schedule my next session.

Jose Baeza

Love the experience and Agnes was very professional and accommodating.